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Top Rated Essential Oil Diffuser & Nebulizing Diffuser

Welcome to Rich Aromas, home to most advanced glass essential oil diffusers on the market. When you want to benefit from the use of essential oils you have two main choices – a traditional essential oil diffuser or an essential oil nebulizer. We hand-produce the finest quality nebulizing diffusers because they are the most effective way of getting pure essential oil into your home. The benefits that you can derive from the use of essential oils are contained in the microscopic particles. Nebulizin diffusers get whatever essential oil you choose into your home in a much more effective way than other traditional diffusers.
Our high quality glass essential oil diffuser does not use heat or water so the particles are nor broken down or diluted. An essential oil diffuser does not produce the same results as an essential oil nebulizer. The nebulizing diffuser does not add any extra humidity to the air. It just adds pure essential oil to the air you breathe, therefore it’s the most efficient aromatherapy diffuser you can get.
The cool mist essential oil diffusers we produce are of the highest quality. The refined and elegant hand-made wood base and custom-blown glass reservoir makes the device a work of artistic craftsmanship. It looks great in your home or office as well as serving a purpose. This is the ultimate marriage of art and function. The pure essential oils are poured into a glass container. Too many essential oil diffusers are made from cheap plastic which can easily by corroded by the essential oils.
The point of using an essential oil nebulizer is to get essential oils into the air so when you breathe the air you get the benefits into your system. The most effective way of doing this is via a nebulizing diffuser. It produces a particle size small enough for the lungs and body to absorb them rapidly. This means that you get the maximum benefits from the essential oils because they turn into cool mist and don't lose their therapeutic qualities. The essential oil nebulizers that we at Rich Aromas produce will last you for a long time because they are hand-crafted to our exact specifications. You get the best aromatherapy diffuser that money can buy with the peace of mind that none of your pure essential oil is getting wasted or getting diluted with water..
You can program the essential oil nebulizer to the different settings so you get the desired effect you want. You can just set it away and forget about it. These beautiful large room essetial oil diffusers are not just for your own home. They make a stunning and memorable gift for anyone in your life. They are also perfect for spas, message studios, yoga studios or for anyone who wants their 30' x 30' space filled with essential oil aroma.
We also have the highest quality organic pure essential oils available for you to buy for use in your essential oil nebulizer. Get them from out store today!

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